College Kills (Extra: Example of Why the World Needs Feminism)

So…I just wrote a ten page research paper in three days.

That basically explains where I’ve been this last week. It’s an online class, and my professor even posted where we should be with writing our paper every week for the last two months or so…I did mine in three days before turning it in a day early so I could start the four-page paper that is due on Thursday (which is stupid easy in comparison to the super complicated and formal paper I just finished) and hopefully be able to go to my boyfriend’s hockey game Wednesday night (I’d asked it off of work just to go) instead of sitting alone in my room desperately trying to make sure that everything I’m typing makes sense.

I wrote about sexism and women’s rights and genders roles for my Sociology Class (Social Problems) paper. I am a feminist. I have a lot of feelings about this. Usually, when I have a lot of feelings about a paper, I actually try to stay ahead of the game, and am typically pretty proud of my work because I’ve had the time to work on it and have my writer friend’s look over it and help me. I feel kind of disappointed in the paper I turned in, since I know I would’ve done better if I had actually planned more. But, I do have good news!Read More »


Out of the Forest

After writing my post, 10 Ways to Bring Your Story Back from the Dead, I decided to go through some of the older pieces sitting on my computer, and stumbled up a story I’d written over the summer while trying to write in a genre I’d never worked in much before: horror.

I’ve always been a big fan of urban fantasy and the supernatural, so it wasn’t really a massive leap. I guess you could say that my intention was to create a constant state of tension in this story by keep more secrets from my readers and characters.

This somewhat complicates things, considering the fact that my rough drafts are typically character-driven. I’ve always just let my characters get cozy in my head, throw something at them, and see where it goes from there. I think that’s why I’d only managed to write up two pages, and still didn’t seem to have a very strong understanding of my characters.

I decided that I desperately wanted to try and revive this little blurb in order to challenge myself, and went back to last week’s post in order to find something that would help me dive deeper into my characters and their surroundings. I ended up writing some short blurbs using the number seven on my list: Past is Prologue.

Below are the secrets I found out about my characters, followed a little snippet at the end of what I’m presently calling Out of the Forest:

(Warning: Contains one instance of mature language)

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10 Ways to Bring Your Story Back from the Dead

10 Ways to Bring Your Story Back from the Dead

Writers have a tendency to leave entire worlds forgotten in the dusty corners of closets or computer files. Whether the abandonment is caused by writer’s block or just a new idea coming along, some stories can wait for years to be rediscovered. Personally, I have dozens of pieces that sit in six binders in a box under my bed. Some are over 100 pages long, and others go all the way back to my middle school years.

Stack of Six Large Binders with Pink Background
All of my private works in one place

The characters within these binders will occasionally nag at me, demanding that their stories be resurrected. This often forces me to dig through my binders, desperately looking for a specific tale. After reading it over, I am usually convinced that improving upon it would be incredibly easy. After all, I have become a slightly more accomplished writer since then.

So, I take out a fresh notebook, start writing and…end up staring blankly at the page, wondering what the hell I thought I was doing and wanting to crumble everything up and toss the mess in the trash. Whether it’s because of the plot or characters or something else, I simply can’t seem to reconnect with the spirit of the story.

I’ve found that trying to get inspiration from these old stories is possible, but can present a challenge. From this conundrum, I’ve come up with a list of ideas that will hopefully allow you and me to work a bit of literary necromancy and maybe bring some of our pieces out of the graveyard and into the spotlight.

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