12 Holiday Writing Prompts

Good news is that my exams are over. I’m done with school for a month, meaning that I will hopefully be able to start planning for next year, while also getting through the holiday season with at least my sanity in tact.

Of course, with everything going on, it’s hard to even find the energy to write. My mind is wrapped up in gift lists and moving and Christmas parties and work schedules and…yeah, I’m a wreck. Inspired by my holiday-induced daze, I thought I’d give you some writing prompts inspired by the season. There’s prompts for several types of writing in there, but feel free to use each to suit your needs.

Holiday Spirit Themed Writing Prompts Pinterest

  1. What if you could only celebrate with one person, dead or alive? Who would that be and why? How would the two of you celebrate? What gift would you get them, or expect them to get you?
  1. Find a poem about summer. Trying to keep as close to the original as possible, change the subject to winter.
  1. Pick one sense, and describe the holiday season trying to use it exclusively.
  1. Write up a list of your character’s New Year’s Resolutions. Have they been successful with any of them? How much effort do they put into keeping them each year?
  1. Someone you don’t know shows up at your doorstop on Christmas and gives you a bizarre, but very expensive and/or thoughtful gift you’ve never bothered to ask for, but desperately want. What is it and how did they know?
  1. Like I mentioned in my Gift Guide for Writers, Christmas shopping is somewhat overwhelming for me. What’s on your character’s Christmas lists? How to they view the whole gift shopping fiasco? Do they have certain gift-giving traditions?
  1. New Year’s Eve parties can have all kind of different “auras.” There’s the black tie gala, the family and friends event, Little Girl in White Coat Frolicking In Snowand the New Year’s Eve Alcohol-fueled hot mess rave, just to name a few off the top of my head. Can you think of any others? What would be your dream New Year’s Eve bash? What ways could that dream party be ruined? What memories do you have about NYE?
  1. There are some holiday wishes that we never tell anyone, but keep wishing for year after year. Do you have any of those secret wishes? Have they ever been granted? How have your Christmas wishes changed over the years?
  1. Holiday decorating is either a great bonding experience or absolute hell. What have most of your experiences been like? Are there any decorating traditions that hold specific meaning to you or your family? Any that seems ratherpointless?
  1. Most people would rather be home for the holidays. Create a character who would rather be anywhere but home, and how they feel during a family party. Where would they rather be, and why? Try coming up with an absurd or unusual reason.
  1. Write an epic poem about shopping on Black Friday. Who are your villains? What must your hero accomplish?
  1. How does your character react to the cold? Do they enjoy it, or stay huddled inside all winter long? What are their favorite winter activities?

There they are! What season inspires your writing the most? Feel free to share your responses in the comments below, and make sure to spread the love on twitter with @SpunFromInk.

Stay warm and happy holidays!




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