A Few Quick Annoucements

This week, I’ve been focusing on doing a bit of blog maintenance in between shopping, making, and wrapping presents. Just to keep everyone updated, here’s what I have done so far:
1. New blog email: SpunFromInk@gmail.com

Feel free to email me with any of your ideas or comments. This will also be where you can send pieces from my weekly writing invitations, which I will discuss more below.

2. New Twitter Account: SpunFromInk

Follow me there to keep up-to-date with any news about A Soul Spun from Ink. I’ll be tweeting daily about various writing-related things, like writing prompts and book recommendations. I will also link to various places on the web that I think can help stimulate your creativity.

3. Updated About Page

Not  much to say about this one, except that I will update it to reflect any changes in the blog or myself as time goes by.

4. Established the Weekly Writing Invite

Each Wednesday, I will post a writing invitation that readers may respond to via e-mail. I will choose on or more pieces to feature on my blog. For more information, visit the Weekly Writing Invitations Page

That’s all for now! Feel free to make suggestions in the comments below. Have a beautiful Christmas, everyone!




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