Weekly Writing Invitation (January 14th)

(Each week, Spun from Ink will be posting a writing invitation. Readers are encouraged to send a short piece to SpunFromInk@gmail.com for the chance to have it featured on this blog. For more information, including submission rules, please visit the Weekly Writing Invitations page.)

This week, we are going to try something new. Below, you will find a list of sentences. Choose two, and use one to open your story and one to close it. If you are thinking about entering poetry, the same rules apply, but you make break these sentences into as many lines as you choose.

Opening Lines:

The night was too cold for any creature to be moving outside.

“Next time, I swear I’ll actually listen to your advice! Just get me out of this!”

He wasn’t at all what she’d expected, but that gave her an advantage.

Closing Lines:

I stared up at the sun.

She knew what her next move had to be.

Now, we just had to come up with a story to hide how we’d actually spent spring break.

Feel free to adjust pronouns and tense as you wish, but be wary of making other adjustments because I have chosen these because they can apply to many different types of writing. If you believe it is completely necessary, try to email me before the deadline (January 13th at 11:59 PM EST) and I’ll let you know if your changes are acceptable or not. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to post them in the comments or to email them to me.

Hope to hear from you soon,



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