45 Tumblrs for Writers

 I really enjoy tumblr because it’s full of people enthusiastic about just about anything you can think of. That makes it a great place for all kinds of people, including writers. I thought I’d put together a list of some of the blogs I’ve found to share with you.

I tried to organize, but another one of tumblr’s charms is in its eccentricity, so be prepared for surprises. Even if you can’t find what you need here, try searching on your own. I also tried to make sure these blog were recently active, but I may have missed something. I apologize in advance.

General Writer’s Reference (AKA the things that I couldn’t put in one category)

1. The Writer’s Helpers
2. I Am Not an Expert 
3. The Writing Café 
4. Writing Questions Answered
5. Writer’s Yoga
6. Office of Letters and Light
7. Reference for Writers
8. Bristled 
9. Everything 4 Writers
10. Max Kirin
11. The Writing Box
12. Writing Masterposts
13. Down to the Kitchens
14. The Scribe’s Notes
15. Kiara’s Writing Masterpost
16. The Fiction Tree
17. Write World
18. Starrify-everything’s Writing Masterpost
19. Writing Infographic Masterpost
20. ANC Writer’s Resources
21. Late Night Novel Writing

Writing Prompts and Exercises
22. Promptly Written
23. I Dare You to Write
24. The Story Bank’s Vault 
25. One Sentence Writing Prompts
26. Writing Prompts that Don’t Suck
27. Suddenly; Prompts! 

Writing Motivation and Humor
28. GR8 Writing Tips
29. Writing Memes

Fantasy and Scifi Writing
30. Bibliotecha Secreta
31. Public Secrets
32. Art Inspires Me to Write
33. Writing Prompts, Tips, and Advice
34. The Wandering Folklorist 
35. Science Fiction World
36. LannisterJoanna’s Fantasy Writing Post

Character Development
37. Fuck Yeah Character Development
38. A Question of Character 
39. Writing with Color
40. Masterpost of Character Writing Guides 
41. Character Quirks are Cool

42. Pew Research
43. How To Fight Write
44. American Heritage Dictionary
45. WordStuck

I might not be on as often as I used to, but you can find my tumblr here. Feel free to mention any other tumblrs you’ve found helpful that I may have missed!




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