3 DIY Projects To Help You Get Organized

3 Easy DIY Projects That Have Helped Me Become More Organized (Extra: The Most Exciting Socks Ever)

3 DIY Projects To Help You Get OrganizedI’ve been really focused on getting my bedroom organized lately. It’s a very small space with a closet the size of a porta-potty,  so it’s been a real struggle getting everything I own to fit comfortably while making sure I’m not spending a ton of money. Thankfully, I got a lot of help from my family over Christmas with some bigger purchases like a shelf unit and some plastic drawers, but trying to figure out how to take care of the small things still presented a costly problem.

With a little craftiness and a lot of Pinterest, I ended up doing several small DIY projects on my own that have really helped me to handle some of the nook-and-cranny problems I’ve encountered. I made these projects on a broke girl’s budget, and without a lot of crafting skills.

  1. Command Center
DIY Command Center
My Sections: Weekly, Monthly, To-Dos and To Get
DIY Organization Weekly Planner with To-Do and Shopping Lists
The To-Do and To Get lists are super useful for me, especially when I’m trying to figure out what needs doing on my days off.

Having this tiny command center has really helped me keep track of my life, even during my summer vacation from school. It might not be as amazing as the ones that inspired me on Pinterest, but between being on a tight budget and only having to keep track of one person, it’s worked out pretty well so far for me.

I used some heavier scrapbook-type paper to print on, although I’m sure that normal paper would work just as well. Any

The Monthly Section of my DIY Command Center
The monthly section of my Command Center helps me keep track of upcoming big events.

cheap photo frame works, and whiteboard markers are easy to erase off of the glass. I used Command Strips to put the frames up on my door, which is the only easily accessible wall space in my room.  Overall, this project costed me about

$20 and only took about an hour to design, print, and place.

Even though I don’t have a lot of space to work with, I’m sure that I’ll be adding on more to this as my life gets a little busier with school coming up soon. I’m thinking about adding a blank message board so I can jot any random information down I need.

  1. Scrapbook Paper Memory Board

    Having a DIY Memory board helps display all my favorite photos
    I love all of the colors I got to use in this, and having some of my best memories on display.

I have a lot of photos sitting in a pile on top of my dresser, the magnet board I made with my cousin a few years ago simply isn’t big enough to show off all of the amazing memories I’ve made safely. While shopping for the supplies for my command center, I picked up these packs of 6” x 6” Scrapbook paper packs from Studio G for a dollar in the craft section. Inspired by quilting patterns, I bought some ribbon and Mod Podge, and grabbed a piece of spare poster board from my little sister’s graduation party.

This was probably the most complicated and time-consuming project on this list, even though it was pretty cheap. If I could do it again, I’d spend a little more time planning and making sure to cut carefully so that I wouldn’t have to use the ribbon to hide the gaps where the triangles didn’t quite match up. I also would’ve found either wider ribbon or something else entirely for the outside, since I think it makes it look a little shabby. Still, for something that I somewhat made up as I went along, I don’t think I should be too hard on myself.

  1. Earring Holder

    DIY Organization Earring Holder
    This was so easy, and they look so much nicer displayed like this than in the piece of cardboard I used to stick them in

This was honestly the easiest and cheapest one to make out of this list. I used embroidery paper from Hobby Lobby, which I didn’t know what a thing until a half hour of wandering around the store trying to recreate things I’d seen on Pinterest. My little sister had an extra picture frame she let me use, and I used a glue gun to glue the edges into the frame. The most time-consuming part of this was probably putting all of my earrings in, since I originally planned on making them aesthetically appealing until I realized that I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing. I also bought a small display stand to place it on, so that I could easily get to the backs instead of taking it off and on my wall whenever I feel like changing my earrings.

  1. TinCanKnit’s Rye SocksDetail view of Garter Stich Panel

Okay, so this has nothing to do with me getting organized, but I just really wanted to share how proud I am of these awesome socks. I tried to knit these last summer, but it didn’t go so well. Like I mentioned earlier in the summer, I started knitting this pair while I was sick, and actually finished them up pretty quickly. I really enjoyed having such an in-depth tutorial to teach me how to finally knit socks. I don’t think I could recommend their Simple Collection (and the rest of their patterns) enough to anyone interested in learning how to knit.

They right one's toe might be a little funny-looking, but I love them just the same
The right one’s toe might be a little funny-looking thanks to crafter-error, but I love them just the same

I enjoyed making these so much that I’m now planning on making a much larger pair for my boyfriend as soon as I figure out what size to make them. I’m also going to retry making the Gothic Lace Cowl from their website again. It’s a great tutorial for knitting lace, and I’m hoping that I have gained enough patience with myself to actually succeed this time.

Being able to list these things makes me feel pretty productive, especially when I also consider how much cleaning and organizing that I’ve gotten done. Now that I’ve accomplished my goal of being –mostly- organized, I’m not quite sure what I want to explore next. I really should work on my cooking skills if I ever want to live on my own, but that’s not exactly easy to practice when you spend most of your time away from the house. Taking and editing all of these photos also reminded me that I need to work on my photography skills as well, so be ready to see some really interesting amateur photography in my upcoming posts.

What are some projects you’ve been working on this summer? Do you want to see me write a more in-depth tutorial on any of these projects? Share in the comments below, or e-mail me at spunfromink@gmail.com.




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