Since When Do I Run? (Nicole’s Adventures In Exercise)

Rain, Rain, Go Away
Rain, Rain, Go Away

I woke up at 8 AM this morning to run, and it’s storming pretty badly out so now I’m disappointed. If you would’ve told me even a few weeks ago that I would be typing that sentence about myself, I would’ve laughed in your face and called you a lunatic. But here I am, wearing my improvised workout clothes\since I’m broke as a joke, and glaring outside at the dark gray clouds.

Turtle Earrings - My Running Buddies
These turtle earrings are my running buddies because they’re the only ones I can keep up with.

For me, that’s pretty exciting, but I do have some reservations. The medication I’m taking suppresses my appetite, which is problematic. To avoid going into the whole thing, I basically can’t be losing weight right now or I will have to switch medications again. Right now, I’m 4’ 11” and 103 lbs, which is pretty good compared to where I was this time last year, but still not up to my goal of 110 lbs, which is the requirement for me to donate blood.

Still, being tiny doesn’t mean I’m in shape, so this workout routine of mine –including running- came into being to help me become stronger and have more energy. I really enjoy the feeling of pushing my body and accomplishing my goals, but I still have to keep my goal weight in mind while burning a lot more calories than I did before.  Between working at getting a free meal for every shift I work at McDonald’s and not wanting to spend would-be tuition money on groceries while I still live with my dad, I’m having a hard time figuring out where to start.

Still, I’m really excited about the steps I’ve taken so far on this journey of mine, and I have enough faith in myself to know that I’m going to figure this out. I’d love to hear any advice you guys all have for me, as well as your own stories about getting in a workout routine. What motivates you to exercise? What obstacles have you faced?



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