4 Comics I Love From Marvel Unlimited

I’ve always been pretty geeky, but ever since watching Marvel’s The Avengers and then meeting my boyfriend, it’s been taken up to a whole new level. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that I started reading comic books over the summer. I got the Marvel Unlimited app and after reading through as many of the free options as I could, I caved and ended up getting the $9.99 a month subscription, which is a pretty great deal when I look at how much a digital copy of any of the many comics I read costs. The only downside is I have to wait six months after any new issues are released to get them on MU, so I have no idea about what’s going on with Secret Wars and it makes me sad.

Anyway, I thought that I would share some of the amazing comic series I’ve been reading, and I really hope that I can continue this awesome adventure with you guys by my sideComics I Love Marvel Unlimited

  1. Ms. Marvel (2014-Present)

Why I Love It: This title is pretty much the reason that I signed up for MU. I’ve heard a lot of really great things about it, and I get so excited every time they release a new issue. Kamala is a lot of fun and it’s such a joy to watch her grow into her abilities and new superhero responsibilities. The art is colorful and sketchy and awesome and…Just go read it.

Problems: Nope 🙂

Issue Currently Available on MU: 11

  1. Runaways (2003-2004) 

Why I Love It: I got to read the first issue of this title for free before I signed up for MU, and it’s pretty great. I’m currently in the middle of Joss Whedon’s run with the comic and it’s been really awesome to see the Runaways become more involved with the rest of the Marvel Universe. Also, there’s a telepathic dinosaur!

Problems: Occasionally, the character make some decisions that make me want to slam my head against a wall, but considering what they’ve gone through and the fact they’re all teenagers, it makes sense.

Issues Currently Available on MU: 62  (Other Runs: 2005-2008 and 2008-2009. There are two issues from 2015 out that aren’t available on MU yet)

  1. Angela: Asgard’s Assassin (2014-Present)

Why I Love It: I love the art and the way Angela looks at the world. There’s only two issues out so far, but I can tell that this is going to be a good way to explore a corner of the Marvel Universe that I’m not as familiar with. Also, she’s got her own spot in the 1602 Universe with Witch Hunter Angela, so I’m looking forward to that being available for MU readers. The art is also just gorgeous!

Problems: THERE’S ONLY TWO ISSUES SO FAR! Other than that, there’s just a lot of back story that gets a smidge confusing, although I am planning on finding the issues where she appears before having her own series.

Issues Currently Available on MU: 2

  1. Hawkeye (2012-Present)

Why I Love It: Hawkeye is one of my favorite characters in the MCU, especially after watching Age of Ultron, so I was really excited to see people recommending this series online when I first became interested in reading comics. I love this portrayal of Clint Barton’s daily life, but to be completely honest, I think Kate Bishop might be the best part of this series.

Problems: Occasionally, the storyline can get a little confusing, although the art helps a lot when there’s two separate storylines going on at once. Also, I occasionally want to throttle Clint for the decisions he makes.

Issues Available on MU: 21

There’s about a million more titles that I’m excited to read and share with you guys, but here’s four awesome series to get you started! If you have any of your own questions or suggestions, or if you want to hear about more of the comics that I love, feel free to comment below, e-mail me at SpunFromink@gmail.com, or tweet me with @SpunFromInk.

Lot of Love,


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