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Using Life Experiences to Supercharge Your Writing, Part Three: Creative Watering for Your WIP Garden

Hey Everyone!

So, this is the third and final part of Using Life Experiences to Supercharge Your Writing! Isn’t that exciting?  If you’re feeling a little confused, why don’t you start by learning about all the amazing experiences you have to put into your writing by exploring your experience pool in Part One. If you want to learn how to use these experiences to create some awesome story ideas, head over to Part Two. If you already have a WIP, and want to find ways to make your characters and scenes more realistic, you’re in the right spot! These steps will usually work best if you have a completed draft to work with, but that might just be the way I go through my process, so if you’re really struggling with something, go ahead and use these steps and see what happens!Read More »

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This Is Not the Post You’re Looking for (AKA: My Week in Review and Why I’m Not Posting What I Said I Would)

Hey Guys!

If you’re following me on twitter, which you really should do, you were probably expecting to see my Tips for Loving a Writer post today. If you’ve been following me just on my blog, which you should also do, you were anxiously awaiting the arrival of Part 3 of my Using Your Life Experiences to Supercharge Your Writing series about using your experiences on your WIPs.

If you haven’t noticed, this post is neither of those.

What’s going on?

My boyfriend moved down to Ohio this week, and I got to spend three days with him. It was a lot of fun, but it was extremely busy and I knew that I wasn’t going to have enough time to write a Part 3 of Using Your Life Experiences to the best of my ability. So, I went and looked at some of my post ideas, and thought that having my boyfriend help me with writing a post about his experiences as a non-writer and being in love with me would be a great way for us to bond before we started our long-distance thing.Read More »

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Using Life Experiences to Supercharge Your Writing, Part Two: Finding Inspiration by Singing in the Rain

Welcome to part two of my epic series: How to Use Your Life Experiences to Supercharge Your Writing! If you missed the first post, “’Write What You Know’ and Diving Into Your Experience Pool” you’re should read that here, since this post builds off of all the amazing things we discovered while exploring our experience pools. If you’re trying to make your WIP amazing by using details from your life, I suggest heading over to part three, Watering Your WIP Garden

Last week, you discovered just how much epic stuff you’ve stored in your Experience Pool. This week, we’re going to use these drops, drips and buckets to create amazing ideas for your writing. Prepare for a shower of inspiration, and to create beautiful writerly music from it!Read More »

Using Life Experiences to Supercharge Your Writing, Part One: “Write What You Know” and Diving Into Your Experience Pool

“Write What You Know”

Most overused -and ignored- writing advice ever, right? How can you write what you know when writing about things you’ve never experienced? It’s not like a prerequisite for being a murder mystery writer is keeping actual skeletons in your closet, and I don’t think many fantasy authors are magic-wielding chosen ones in their spare time.

Then why is this advice still around?

I like to think that I’ve come up with an answer.

“Write what you know” isn’t about research. It’s about being able to reach into the hearts of your characters using the insights you gained from being a human around other humans. It’s about using your own emotions and experiences to make your readers care. While we may only live one life, our exposure to other people’s stories provide use with a rich base of inspiration to draw from.

Alright, so now you’re probably asking “Nicole, how can I actively use this brilliant insight to make my writing even more fabulous?”

Well, dear reader, I have all kinds of answers. So many that I’ve had to separate them into a three-part series on using your life experience in your writing! Isn’t that awesome? For our first post, we’ll be focusing on figuring exactly what kinds of life experiences you have to offer, so prepare for a lot of introspection! Once you’re done here, start making amazing ideas with Part Two, or improving your WIPs with Part Three!Read More »

To Be Read Pile: Star Wars Trilogy, All Our Yesterdays, and The Scorch Trials

Spun From Ink’s August Reading List

August Reading Goals ImageSomething that I really wanted to do this summer was read more. I was going to get my library cards renewed to get the sequels for some of my favorite books, and I was going to finally finish the pile of books that I had started over the last year for the sake of my sanity.
Unfortunately, my currently reading pile remains right where it was when the summer started, although I have read a lot (200+) of comics thanks to my Marvel Unlimited subscription. Lucky for me, there is a still a month left of summer, and I am looking forward to a long drive down to Ohio and an even longer bus ride home. Since my Pittsburgh trip last year helped me finish several books, I’m looking forward to using this time to help get caught up on my reading of both regular books and some comic series I’ve been neglecting.
Read More »