Monthly Writing Invitations (On Hiatus)

Please note that the monthly writing invitation is on hiatus for a few months.

On the first Wednesday of every month, I will be posting a weekly writing invitation. It may be a written prompt, an image, song or something else entirely. With each post, readers can send me a poem or piece of short fiction to this blog’s e-mail ( by the day before the next invitation is posted. Please make sure to read the Rules and Conditions below before sending in a piece.

I will choose a written piece to featured on my blog, and will also send the author a one-page feedback letter via email. I will attempt to give all entrants some kind of feedback on their piece. Chosen writers will be given the chance to provide information about themselves and their piece, in addition to their names and websites being posted.

Rules and Conditions:

  1. I will not post pieces from the same author more than once every four months, although they may still submit pieces for potential feedback with each invitation. The same piece cannot be entered more than once.
  2. All entrants must be following in order to be considered.
  3. All pieces must be written in response to the invitation, not chosen from previous work.
  4. Poetry submissions must be no more than 3 pages in single-spaced 12 pt. Times New Roman. Prose entries must not exceed 1,250 words. Any entries that exceed these limits will be given a warning and opportunity to edit and resubmit by the contest deadline.
  5. Entries will only be considered if emailed to
  6. All entries will remain the property of their writer. Writers may have a copyright notice posted with their piece if they choose to do so. I will not alter any piece without direct permission of the writer, save for grammatical errors that impede understanding.
  7. Entries must not have excessive vulgarity, or any explicit or hateful content. Any entries breaking this rule will receive notice, and removed from that week’s considerations. Any writer who sends in 3 repeated offenses of this rule will no longer be able to participate in the weekly writing invitations.
  8. Plagiarism is not tolerated. I will dismiss any piece with plagiarized material. The writer of the piece will either receive a warning or be banned from participating in future invitations, based on the severity of the plagiarism.
  9. I will attempt to choose the featured piece and send notice within 3 days of the submission deadline. Writers have 3 days to respond to the notice with their information if they want it posted. If writers do not respond, the piece will be posted, but writers may choose to have them removed from my blog at any time.
  10. The writer has the choice on whether or not to allow commenting on their piece. If comments are allowed, they will be monitored closely and both I and the writer have the right to delete comments that either of us deem inappropriate in any way.
  11. I hold the right to change these rules at any time and in any way.
  12. If any of this is unclear to you in any way, feel free to make a comment on this page or email me with your questions.

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